We have 10 to 20 seconds to make a favourable first impression. After that, we have approximately five minutes to confirm and establish a positive relationship. Not only do we form our opinions over such a short period of time but our conclusions are drawn not from what a person says but 93% of our insights are concluded from non verbal communication.

Understanding the impact of our subliminal communication is key to our confidence and success whether we have to:

  • go for a job interview
  • make a presentation
  • introduce a new product or idea
  • influence a decision maker
  • lead a team

The Power of Body Language:  Communicating With Confidence

In addition to individual coaching, Roberta has developed an expanded full day version on this exciting and important competency. Shorter presentations from 1 to 3 hours are also available. These interactive and entertaining seminars provides insights into Reading, Responding and showing Respect while maximizing all of our non verbal communication skills.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • mixed messages
  • posturing
  • first impressions
  • mirroring and pacing
  • personal space and touch
  • cultural differences
  • eye cues and movements (NLP)

Personal Communications Style Report and Coaching Session

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Free Teleclass - Making a Fantastic First Impression: The Power of Positive Body Language 

While working with others to improve how they come across in job interviews, presentations and networking situations, I have been able to synthesize the secrets to success in increasing confidence and making a great first impression. We will discuss these four keys and show you how to come across with a great entrance, enthusiasm, an engaging manner and positive energy. Bring your questions about meeting others for the first time and let's find out how we can make what works for others work for you. 

Tuition: Free
Led by Roberta Hill

We have 10 to 20 seconds to make a favorable first impression. Most of us get nervous and may miss the opportunity to get off on the right foot. From there it is an uphill battle to build rapport.

We will cover four simple keys: 
- the costume 
- the smile 
- the eyes 
- the handshake
Come and discover:
- what to do to stay calm
- what to do in the first half minute
- what body talk to avoid 
- what are the positive responses to use
Current Status: COMPLETED.

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The Power of Positive Body Language - Making the Most of What Matters 

This is a continuation of the free teleclass listed above.  As part of this program, you will receive my thirty-page e-book. This workbook provides valuable notes, quizzes and exercises to augment our lively discussions. Five teleclasses.
Tuition: $79

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