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Assessments and the Platinum Rule Teleclass (and Real Audio) Qualification Program

Please note that the only official Platinum Rule Trainer Certification program is offered directly by Tony Alessandra.  This is a qualification program with Assessments Now and recognized by Tony.  If you are interested in the benefits of official certification, please contact Tony directly.

Dates: Five consecutive Mondays and Thursdays
Times:  3:00 - 4:30 pm Eastern
Tuition: $349.00 USD
To Register:  See below.
out Team Associate first

Are you concerned that you aren't keeping ahead of the wave and keeping your competitive advantage?  Do you feel inadequate when working with clients who have taken assessments before?  Stop worrying and get the training you need.  To our knowledge, no other organization properly prepares you in the background and the use of assessments in general.

Assessments Now, offers live teleclasses with 15 hours of real audio training backup that will build skill and confidence in the use of ALL assessments in your coaching and training.  We do feature and use The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment as the foundation of this program.  However, if by the end of this training you do not feel knowledgeable in the basic use of assessments and  how to conduct your first group coaching session, we will refund your money.

You are able to review the material your own pace but the training is augmented with live interactive teleclass sessions and regular free teleclasses for all Associates.  This training is recognized by Tony Alessandra, creator of The Platinum Rule.  

Dear Professional Coach or Trainer,

Roberta's in-depth knowledge of assessments, coupled with her extensive training and coaching expertise, creates a unique combination. Becoming an Associate with is the start of an exciting new journey for you as a coach or trainer.  

I am proud to be an integral part of the Train the Coach and Train the Trainer Programs that Roberta has created. Coaches who have successfully completed the training are fully qualified to work with The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment. This is a thorough package that builds upon my own material. You donít need to accept my word for it; read the testimonials from those who have taken the program.

This is a thorough package that builds upon my own material and the 15-hour training package will get you up to speed and competent in the use of assessments. Coaches who have successfully completed the training are qualified to work with The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment. I encourage you to take full advantage of all the material and support that Roberta provides.

For those of you who are committed to taking your coaching practice to the next level, I invite you to join the team by becoming an Associate with Roberta and Assessments Now. You can do this by calling Roberta directly at 1.613.237.1368 or emailing her at

Wishing You Continued Success,


Six Classes:
1.  Theory, Model and Psychometric Rigor
2.  Understanding the two continuums and their relationships
3.  Going in-depth into the four quadrants  (interpreting graphs using real cases) 
4.  Understanding the dynamics between quadrants, adaptability and stress behavior 
5.  How to properly administer the assessment and debrief (giving feedback) 
6.  Coaching and Developing Action Plans 

Materials:  In addition to us using the eBook of the Platinum Rule, you will be provided with your own electronic copy of Tony's People Smarts.  Case studies, real examples and a 60 page manual will be included.


Four Classes:
1.  What constitutes a good design and timeframes in the training event 
2.  Using case studies with the team to understand the model and concepts 
3.  Sample exercises and when to use them 
4.  Delivery issues, techniques, pricing and logistics

  You will receive a PowerPoint Presentation, additional case studies, various group exercises that you can use in your own training.  All this material will be copyright by but you will have full permission to reproduce and add your own contact information.

Cost:  This is priced at a give away for those associates and corporate accounts.  $169 Phase One, $189 Phase Two or $349 for both.  (You can not take Phase Two without completion of Phase One)  Although Phase Two is of a shorter duration, it contains valuable exercises, case studies and a  PowerPoint Presentation for your to use.  Money back guarantee within 30 days. 

Order the Training Now (but be sure to see if you qualify for our Team of Associates first)

Phase One - $189.00 USD
Phase One and Two - $349.00 USD

Independent Team Associates

This program has such broad benefits to coaches that we only make it available to our team of associates, and corporate accounts and their designates.  Click here to find out if you qualify for the Independent Team of Associates.   You will be able to say that you are qualified as a coach / trainer with on the use of the Platinum Rule.  Upon successful completion of the full program, if you are an independent adjunct team associate, you will be listed for free on the site as long as long as you remain active.  (See below for requirements.)

 To be listed on the web site "Find a Coach":
  • be an independent adjunct team associate
  • complete the training
  • use the assessment with four or five with clients
  • have a brief interview with Roberta 
  • once you have used it with a group or two totaling 15 assessments, you will get an asterisk by your name which means you are fully qualified to train with the instrument.
 To remain on the site once listed:
  • as a coach, purchase and use a minimum of 5 per year
  • as a trainer, purchase and use a minimum of 10 - per year (hopefully at least with a group) AND once a year come and share some of your learning and tricks with the rest of the team for 15 minutes or more on one of our group teleclasses.

What Associates are saying:

  • "The value that Roberta Hill provides with her AssessmentsNow and Platinum Rule training is beyond compare.  I have trained on the use several assessments and can confidently say that the presentation materials and coach training created by Roberta for Platinum Rule is exceptional for the price I paid to become an Associate.  Not only did I receive the in-depth background and information on the assessment, I also received "train the trainer" teleclasses and a complete set of PowerPoint slides, exercises, and case studies that allow me to begin marketing and using the instrument right away.  Finally, Roberta is an outstanding teleclass leader who has a deep understanding of assessments and facilitates a class that is both  fun and informative." 

Mary Jo Asmus, Leadership Expert, Executive/Business Coach and Consultant

  • "Thank you Roberta for putting together such a great training package!  As you know, I have been around training, both live and virtual, for quite a long time now and I am blown away by the extensive materials that you provide.  Your entire package, from the written material to the email reminders and guides for homework to the teleclasses themselves, shows your professionalism and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the different behavioural styles, the benefits of this particular tool and its wide range of applications.  You have made all the training light and entertaining so I'm not overwhelmed by details (which people of my style really don't like!).  I feel confident now to fully utilize the assessment and to deliver it to my clients in a way that really benefits them, and me."

              Nancy Morris, Kick Ass Coach with Compassion


  • "The AssessmentsNow Training program is wonderfully comprehensive!  You have brought together background information and examples that make the Platinum Rule easy to understand and explain to clients.  Plus you've given us a professional "turnkey" marketing solution for offering workshops and presentations that can still be modified for our and our client's needs.  An all-in-one package!!  This is much more comprehensive than Tony's own training at MentorU and much more useful or the coach or trainer who wants to get off to a quick start.  I'm proud to be one of your "certified" coaches.  Thanks again, Roberta"

               Katie Darden, Business and Career Coach

  • "This class has been instrumental in helping me launch my new career in coaching as an Internal Leadership Coach.  I have begun my coaching sessions and have been delighted by the fun & interest that was created by the Platinum Rule.  Really helped me to get things off to a positive start and everyone is signing up for coaching eagerly because they want to discuss their results!  Thank you for creating the most comprehensive training I have encountered in my new career yet!  The  training tools and presentation saved me hours of time that I can now use coaching. I am looking forward to being a part of your team for a long time."

                     Pam Boney, Executive and Onboard Coaching

  • "The Platinum Rule Teleclass Training Program is one of the most valuable training programs I have ever taken. I researched several behavioral and communication styles assessments before deciding which one to specialize in. I decided on The Platinum Rule because it is so simple, easy-to-use, and "sticky", while providing valuable insight and information, with a broad range of applications. And, Roberta is a brilliant trainer who excels as a teleclass leader. As a trainer with over 20 years experience myself, it takes a good deal of skill for another trainer to impress me, and Roberta "wows" me! This training program was fun, well-paced, and full of great content." 

Sage Freechild, M.A., LMHC, Phoenix Rising Coaching

  •  "I definitely feel more confident about using the Platinum Rule with  my clients after taking your 2-part training program.  Your practical application approach is  excellent and the wealth of resources you give class participants is extremely helpful.  I appreciate having each session taped, giving us the option to go back and review.   Your class provides great value and support for anyone who wants to integrate the Platinum Rule into their assessment offerings.  Thank you!"

                     Gabrielle Parkinson, MA, Executive Coach & Certified Coach Facilitator

  • "Roberta is not only knowledgeable about the theory and use of assessments, but she goes above and beyond with adding value to her work - her generosity of resources and knowledge along with her dedication and high standard for excellence provides so much  - everything one needs to succeed.  She is the consummate assessments coach."

              Donna Walsh, Coach, RedShoes Solutions


This is in relation to your work and association with Assessments Now and has been approved by Tony Alessandra.  Whilst utmost care and attention have been taken, these profiles are based on general observations and AssessmentsNow can not be held responsible for any decisions arising from the use of the data nor any specific inferences or interpretations arising there from.


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