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Don't waste your money!  Without coaching, the likelihood that any of real change will have lasting effects is minimal.

Working with a coach after taking the Assessment can help you achieve the following Potential Benefits:

    • Anchoring – retention and application of new learning
    • Enhanced communications 
    • Becoming a more effective team player
    • Appropriate work-life balance
    • Increased  emotional intelligence through self awareness
    • Greater versatility in dealing with different perspectives
    • Improved interactions with significant others

All of which translates into better results and relationships.

If you are an individual looking for information and access to all sorts of online and free personality tests, check out our sister site:  Personality Tests Now.

The following is a list of over Professional Coaches who have worked with AssessmentsNow and are qualified in using The Platinum Rule Behavioral Styles Assessment as an effective coaching tool.  Please feel free to contact them directly. (Those without the check mark have not been officially qualified through Assessments Now but are working with us to secure training.  We have over 60 coaches and trainers in our network worldwide who are using The Platinum Rule through Assessments Now.)


Then call one of our Coaches






Sylva K. Leduc, MEd (Psych) *
Certified Executive Coach  
Sage Leadership Strategies
(480) 515-5511
Specialties: Building Leaders and Enhancing Teams 


Suzanne Holman
Suzanne Holman International
(602) 375-0617
Specialties: Exuberant Productivity Expert and Coach



Katie Darden *
Career Life Institute
(707) 677-0866


Gabrielle Parkinson *
707) 822-2585



Antoinette Dawson
925 216-9013
Specialties:  Executive and Life Skills Coach




Anne Alexander *
Authentic Alternatives
Business Breakthroughs Coaching for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs, Executives & Professionals



Terry R. Watson *
Transform Inc:  The Happy Healthy Wealthy Game
(813) 361-6200
Specialties:  Trainer, Coach and Speaker


Ginger Ward-Green*
Ward Green Group
(207) 947-3760




Cindy Loughran
CBL Associates
(781) 453-2211
"Creating Powerful Leaders & Powerful Lives"






Sage Freechild M.A., LMHC
Phoenix Rising - Personal & Professional Coaching Services
(781) 876-5876
Business Strategy Consultation, Training & Coaching






Mary Jo Asmus *
Aspire Collaborative Services
(269) 372-2688
Leadership Expert, Executive/Business Coach and Consultant
Sally Pitt-Van Buren
New Directions Coaching and Consulting
(269) 375-4441
    New Jersey


Lynn Schaber *
Potential Within
(732) 822-3274
Specialties: Career Management Coach
    New York


Janet Wise*
Wise Solutions
(917) 733-3078


Cynthia L. Palka *
Future Map, Inc.
(607) 754-3636


Nessa Kiely
The Kiely Company, LLC
(585) 381-6515
    North Carolina

Pam Boney *
Legacy Coaching and Consulting, Inc
andHotels Coach Inc.
(919) 848-4324
Work/Life Balance, Living an Intentional Life, Leadership & Performance Management in Hospitality Industry




Viki Ryan *
VRE Training
(828) 256-9955
Specialties:  Training in Leadership and Team Development


Jack Ferraro *
Trainer and Consultant 
((703) 366-2930
es:  Leadership development experience for project managers
     Kate Steinbacher
The Coaching Advantage
(540) 989-6885


Available in French Canadian


Nancy Morris 
The Kick-Ass Coach
(613) 820 5603
Specialties: Just in Time and Goal Getting


Lois Raats, MEd *
Meta Team Solutions
(519) 883-8838
Specialties:  team and leadership development coaching, training, and facilitation


Wayne Scott *
Action Strategies Inc.
(416) 369-9001
Specialties: Corporate and Small Business Leadership


Colleen Carruthers*
The T-R Group Inc.
(705) 760-9409
Specialties:  Leadership Training




Josée Blaquière *
Option Zénith
((450) 248-0202
SpecialtiesCoaching and training in organizational context




Dr. Graham MacKay *
Coaching Works
+61 267 720 720    

European Union See below
Available in French, German and English
Now available in Spanish (separately)

GERMANY Available in German




Sandy Weiner, MEd, MCC
1-Focus International
+49 (0) 3329 697558
Master Certified Coach, Systemics Organizational Consultant, M&A's




Pemo Theodore
Star Consulting
Specialties: Coaching people & teams to leverage their strengths





Morten Kaspar Gudmundseth
1-2-X Coaching for eXcellence
+47 90673101
SWEDEN Available in Swedish




Carina Kindkvist *
+46 833  3131




Wilhelm Hast *
Hast Utveckling AB
+46 31 56 2520
SWITZERLAND Available in French, German and English






Roberta Hill, MBA, MCC *
Mentor & Leadership Coach

The Coaching Option
+41 078 828 38 98
Specialties: Global Leadership & Virtual Team Building;
M&A's Organizational Change,




Patrick Murphy
Tralliance Coaching
022 36-46633
United  Kingdom Please contact Roberta Hill

* These coaches are also qualified to do training 
with the Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment


Are you interested in adding this to your toolkit?  Why not partner with us? This tool is especially effective in teams.  Find out about our own Platinum Rule Associates Program.

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