There at literally hundreds of solid assessments out there in the market place serving different valuable purposes.  As a coach, two of the most common that you will come across are the MBTI and the DISC.  Both of these are solid instruments and are very effective when used by trained professionals.  

The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment offers a simple but elegant tool that ALL coaches can use effectively with clients and teams.



 (Marston, Jung and
  Merrill & Reid)


 Model  4 dimensions  4 styles  16 types
 Measures  Observed Behavior
 4 continuums
 Observed Behavior
 2 continuums
 4 dichotomies
 Purpose  Understanding 
 Adapting to Styles  Appreciating
 Research Studies  Yes  Yes  Yes



 - self awareness
 - team building
 - communications
 - sales
 - self managing
 - team building
 - communications
 - sales
 - relationships
 - conflict
 - self knowledge
 - team building
 - communications

 On Line Versions




    Avg. Retail*

$50 - $70



    Avg. Wholesale*






 - plotted graph
 - 24 page report  
 - 12 page workbook

 - plotted eGraph
 - 33 page report 
 - 60 page workbook
 - option of weekly series
 - plotted results
 - 12 page report
   Time to Complete  - 10 to 15 minutes  - 3 to 7 minutes  - 20 to 30 minutes


 Depends on vendor  English, French, German, Swedish  Limited access
   Multi-Rater **
Unlimited observers
(3 groups plus follow-up option)
 Administration DISC PLATINUM MBTI
   Up Front Costs *
 (distributor fees, online access, certification)
    $600 - $1,500   $349 to $550
 (Zero startup without training)
   Client Access        (not all)

    (full  interface)

   Block Results          (not all)          
   Grouping of Users            -           -

   Team Graphs &

           -           -
   Customized Emails            -           -
   Automated (emails,
   tracking, reminders)
           (limited)           -
   Online Help Desk 
  (users & administrators)
         (not all)           -

*  Costs are estimated as the DISC is available in various versions.  There may be associated costs for on-line delivery and bulk volume will reduce reseller prices. All figures are in US dollars.

** DiscStyles (also available from us) does include a full multi-rater capability.  If qualified, full Independent Adjunct Associate with Assessments Now is $550.00


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