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The use of legitimate assessments are here and represent vital leverage point for coaches and their clients.  Don't let your own insecurities prevent you from being the best coach and trainer you can be.  

We make it easy for you.  How? We have a number of different programs to help you get prepared.  In particular,  AssessmentsNow has the training program recognized by Tony Alessandra for coaches.  We support this training with on-going free teleclasses and a special forums for those certified coaches.  Our team members help one another. We ARE a team and relationships mean everything to us.

AssessmentsNow is also interested in establishing important strategic alliances with other organizations that can assist us in the use of our tools.  We also encourage organizations to set up their own accounts.

Listen to my interview with Tony Alessandra and find out more yourself. Read what Tony has to say about Assessments Now.

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If you are interested in using this assessment in your coaching or organization, please contact Roberta directly to see if you qualify for our independent associate team:

Here are just some of the resources available to you when you become an adjunct associate and join our team:

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This is the best training on assessments you will find. 

Use this comparison chart to help you explain the differences. 

Use a Just In Time approach to selecting the best assessment. 

Check out what your colleagues have to say. 

We have established an alliance to be able to offer you this service. 

Ever coach needs a tracking system: Client Compass is the Best! 






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