Business Process Reengineering

Project Objective

The objective of a reengineering/restructure project is to look at functions being and to determine the best process and system by which their work can be completed. Important questions that are analysed include:

  • What are we doing?
  • How are we doing it?
  • Why are we doing it?

A re-engineering project is an opportunity to determine how the different parts of the organization that have amalgamated can fit together in the most effective way and deal with the increasing work demands. To function together better as a team, it is important to consider all possible elements. Initially, we are concerned only with identifying what is happening, what work is done and what the process steps are that must be completed.

Project Scope and Scale

"As-Is" Processes

A draft version showing Work Flow Processes is developed. This can take from 2 to 4 weeks. The diagrams are based upon interviews and focus groups with employees. The work flow diagrams are used to:

  • define and clarify the work performed by employee
  • more precisely define the boundaries of the process
  • provide a common vocabulary for the work flow processes
  • define the customer-driven processes
  • assign ownership for processes
  • develop metrics for measuring process performance
  • identify any Quick Wins

Roles of Key Players

Ideally the Restructuring/Reengineering Sponsor will have executive responsibility over all parts of the organization that need to be changed. The Sponsor should provide leadership so as to give vision and direction to the Project Team.

Project Manager
The Project Manager has the ability to provide resources as needed for the project and has final say on determining the membership of the Project Team

Project Administrator
The Project Administrator is the leader in the effort to define, understand and measure the process. He/she serves on the Project Team and is available to dedicate 20-30% of his or her time to the restructuring effort.

Project Team
The Project Team is composed of managers and employees from each of the potentially affected functional/divisional areas. Representation from other functional areas that would support the restructuring activities may be represented.

The roles of the Project Team in simplifying the processes include:

  • Participate in the creation of the "As-Is" Process Model.
  • Highlight major problems and issues, and recommend areas where improvements and "Quick Wins" can be made.
  • Assist in addressing the immediate workload distribution problems.
  • Participate in the recommendations on how work should be completed.



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