Get the Right Assessment Just In Time for Your Clients

  • Do you need a solid career inventory or a flexible team assessment or a 360 done for a client and don't know where to turn?

  • Have you checked out our More Profiles section specifically for coaches but still aren't sure what is best for your client?

  • Do you want to manage the process but not incur significant costs?

Many coaches like the idea of using a relevant assessment with a client. But if you are like me, you want to be sure you know how to properly use and interpret the tool before investing a lot of money. I, for one, am not a person who puts all her eggs in one basket.

Assessments Now has decided to pilot a new program that we believe will assist you in "trying out" assessments with your client or clients WITHOUT risk or significant upfront investment. Let us recommend and then provide the right assessment for your client. You get all the credit and your client gets all the benefit.

While The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment is the most versatile and it is our flagship assessment, we have consistently said that there are other great tools out there. This was best said by the musical group, Sly and the Family Stone: Different strokes for different folks. Assessments Now is constantly on the look out for instruments that we feel are cost effective, valid, user friendly and accessible on-line. We want to provide a variety of sound tools that are not all based on the same model OR come from one assessment organization.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone else helped to determine and arrange for the right assessment?  It is like customizing for each client WITHOUT all of the coast.  Well now you can.  First contact and 20 minute call is free.  After that it will cost $100 per half hour of time.

Here is how it works:

Send us an email using our submission form with your brief needs and purpose for considering doing an assessment. Yes, you can make a specific request for a certain type of assessment. For example, you might want to use a MBTI or DISC type of instrument. We have currently identified six totally different assessments that meet our stringent requirements.. We are on the look out for others that we feel are solid, cost effective and easily administered.

We will propose an assessment that we believe is the best match for you with a quote for three different options.  (Please see how to access the submission form below.)  There are no obligations.

If you agree, you can even have the client pay directly on line with a special URL link that we will email to you. Otherwise, payment can be arranged with you. Once payment is received, instructions and passwords will be sent directly your client’s email address, on your behalf.

Your clients will be able to take the assessment confidentially on-line. For 75% of the instruments, a copy of the results can be sent to you shortly after it has been completed. There are a few instruments that have been set up by the creators where ONLY the participant receives the data and then that person is responsible to forward the report on.

The Plans:

Option One - Cost $49 - $129US

Assessments Now administers the process but leaves all of the follow-up for the coach. Our role is to match your client to the right assessment, provide the administration at a reasonable cost to the both of you, send you a copy where possible and then disappear from the process.

Option Two - Cost $189 - $249US

Assessments Now administers the instrument and then spends time preparing the coach to work with the client. You the coach will debrief and follow-up directly with the individual. It will look totally transparent to your client. Roberta will walk you through the assessment process and possible issues or interpretations in a 40-minute telephone debriefing session. A time will be set up shortly after the client has completed the assessment but before your next session. Before we talk, you will receive the assessment copy and instructions on how to go through it.

Option Three – Cost $200 - $299US

Assessments Now partners with you to do the whole assessment process on your behalf with your client. We contact the individual with your approval, arrange for the assessment to be completed and schedule a time for debriefing over the telephone. Roberta, or one of her trained associates, will conduct the debriefing directly with your client that will last from 40 to 60 minutes. We will send you a copy of the report.
Yes – once you select one of the options, you can change your mind if you wish to UPGRADE (i.e. go from option one to two or option two to three).

Option Four – Cost starts at $1,200US

Occasionally, you may feel that a full 360-degree competency based feedback process is required with your client and or clients. This is a longer and more involved process that consists of at least 4 hours of our time, plus the cost of the assessment. Customization may be required as well as using us to develop the initial action plan. We are currently using two different providers for this specialized service. If this is of interest, please send up a separate email at roberta@wghill.comand we will arrange for you to discuss this with one of our trained associates. Initial consultation is free but subsequent discussions will be charged at $100 per half hour.

What will the Coach get out of it?

  • Using the right tool for the client within a reasonable budget
  • Expanding your tool kit by being able to provide your clients with a variety of different assessments
  • Knowing that the tool will be used in an ethical and appropriate manner
  • Increased comfort and experience (with a safety net) using assessments
  • A steeper learning curve through working with a skilled partner
  • Measurable increase in competence and credibility as a coach

Submission Form

If you are interested in getting a quote or seeing our "request form" that we ask you to submit, send a bland e-mail to:

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