Business Process Reengineering:
Speed is of the Essence

What is BPR? It is a solution to business problems...the issues that arise in both public and private sector such as sudden large changes in operations, new mergers and amalgamation, or changing mandates. Business Process Reengineering solves the business problem by examining the fundamental process of the operation and redrawing it in alignment with the new organizational goals.
Why Reengineer? There are simple business drivers affecting all organizations whether they are in the profit or not-for-profit sectors. BPR can assist in improving measurable quality, sustaining consistency, significantly reducing operating costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. BPR takes into account four components that affect the business process. They are: jobs and structures, values and beliefs, management systems and information systems.
The Key Challenge! Most BPR projects utilize established tools that has been developed by previous methodologies such as Socio-Technical Design, TQM and Value Analysis. Always the difficulty has been how to collect data, validate and plan an implementation strategy for change in a meaningful time frame. Your precentors will outline a process that reduces the cycle in half and has been completed with great success within a period of six weeks, start to finish.


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