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  3. The Web Coaching Option Program. New prices start in September. 
  4. The Independent Consultants' Network for Ottawa has lots of local events listed. We have over 80 members and are affiliated with another community:  ottawa_coaches.  If you would like to preview the site go to:



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  Teleclass: Making a Fantastic First Impression: The Power of Positive Body Language 

We have 10 to 20 seconds to make a favorable first impression. Most of us get nervous and may miss the opportunity to get off on the right foot. We will cover four simple keys.

Come and discover:
- what to do to stay calm
- what to do in the first half minute
- what body talk to avoid 
- what are the positive responses to use

A Teleclass is a conference call live, interactive training  conducted over the telephone through teleconferencing bridge  systems. You and between 10-30 other registrants call a  regular phone number in the United States at your class time.

To find out more about this and other scheduled teleclasses.

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The Knowledge Worker Obsolescence Inventory

Here is a fun quiz that you can take to see how current you are as a knowledge worker.  This requires

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"BODY LANGUAGE - The Four Keys to Success"

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True Colours Workshops

We have been offering workshops on True Colours to various organizations with great reviews.  Roberta has received couple of individual inquiries about a half day introduction to TRUE COLOURSIf enough interest is warranted, we will put on a public workshop.  Cost for the three hours will be $75. 

To show your interest and find out more, email us at:

The Balance People Portfolio TM

We have developed the The Balance People Portfolio TM which was presented at  the Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Conference in October of 1999.  Click on the link to get a brief overview of the model which shows how to leverage employees as real financial investments.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the paper that was published please call me at: (613) 237-1368


The Most Influential Books of the 1990's

Beyond the hype and the reviews and the book sales - which books are really changing people's lives? We wanted to know so we set up a small survey to find out.  Here are the results for our 1999 fall study: Book Survey Results.

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