Increasing Personal Resiliency

Change is constant. And as we move into the 21st century, information will increase in exponential ways. Consequently, we will experience a constant state of flux. The need for knowledge workers will be in great demand. The ability to respond quickly and deal with the needs of others will continue to be demanded of us. Organizational flexibility and personal resiliency are two keys to long-term success.


At the end of the two days, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the changes which have occurred within the organization over the past few years.
  2. Discuss the impact of these changes on them.Identify and demonstrate an increased understanding of the resiliency concept and how this relates to thriving in transition and a changing environment.
  3. Demonstrate an increased understanding of the change and transition process and the emotional reactions typically experienced.
  4. Recognize and create a personal action plan by which they can further develop skills and ability to increase their personal resilience to change.




Module One 3.5 Hours
  • employee perspective of organizational change
  • overview of where the organization is going (tie into bigger picture)
  • introduction of resiliency concept (managing at speed of change video)
  • employee perspective and resulting implications
Module Two 3.5 Hours
  • understanding the stages of change (Bridges= model)
  • moving through transition
  • exploring coping skills
  • loss experienced during change and how to deal with loss
Module Three 3.5 Hours
  • pro-actively working through the change process
  • managing our emotional responses
  • increasing resilience through self-awareness
  • William Bridges' - 4 rules for taking care of yourself
  • importance of self-accountability
Module Four 3.5 Hours
  • increasing resiliency through development of life/transition skills
  • risk factors affecting health
  • increasing resiliency through self-assessment
  • personal action planning


n, training, restructuring conflict resolution, team building, coaching, leadership and communications (specifically body language)


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