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The following are online assessments available to coaches 24/7.   In some instances, you can send a client directly to  Assessments Now Profiles  OR better still open your own Associate Account .  Associate costs per assessment (minimum purchase 5) are the maximum you pay - less if you purchase in larger volumes.

If you are already a successful coach or trainer, looking to leverage the value added for your clients, contact me to see how you can qualify for our international team.  Visit our Assessments Blog for more information on assessments and personality tests. 

To help you determine what route may make the best sense for you, you may wish to visit my Request an Assessment ServiceWe will be adding more as we identify ones we can recommend.

Here are the HRD Press Profiles that are offered.  Details on some are listed below.

-- HRD - Change Management Effectiveness
-- HRD - Coaching Effectiveness
-- HRD - Communication Effectiveness
-- HRD - Customer Service Commitment
-- HRD - Diversity and Cultural Awareness
-- HRD - Influencing Style Clock
-- HRD - Leadership Effectiveness
-- HRD - Learning Styles
-- HRD - Management Effectiveness
-- HRD - Negotiating Styles
-- HRD - Sales Effectiveness
-- HRD - Teambuilding Effectiveness
-- HRD - Time Management Effectiveness

Some things you may wish to consider:

  • All the retail prices for these assessments are $24.95 but associate costs will be between $10 and $15
  • Each assessment has it's own account but you can use the same username and passwords
  • The reports do NOT have ANY contact info on them - not HRD Press, not mine, not yours.
  • You will not be able to order online 24/7 but will have to get the info to me.  I trust you and will put them into your account ASAP and we will charge the credit card later. Unless I am on vacation or it is the weekend, I usually do this within 24 hours.
  • Many of these assessments have been "in use" for a while and on the charts, they also have the "normative" score so you can see how others have perceived themselves. This is a big advantage over some instruments. 


for $49.95US 
Associate Cost:  $27
 Special Features: Completely online. Clients receive a 41 page personalized report (with your contact information), a 66 page workbook and a dynamic colour eGraph.  They then  have thirty days to invite others to complete this anonymously. There are three different category of observers.  At the end of this time they get a full report with a comparison of how the client sees self compared to others. They have access for 60 days,  but you will have permanent access, ability to 
create team charts and so much more.   

Available in English, French, German and Swedish.

Check it all the details of becoming an associate.


The Leadership Effectiveness Profile from HRD Press

This Leadership Effectiveness assessment will focus on eight most-often-cited behaviors or attitudes. We will refer to them as “competencies” or competency areas—the main factors that generally determine the relative success of an individual’s efforts to lead others in a wide variety of situations, ranging from leading a soccer team or a Fortune 500 company to leading an ad-hoc team of citizens pushing for a new school. No one piece of the puzzle is enough for effective leadership; each piece works in combination with the others to reveal a fully integrated model. When all eight competencies are present, the individual’s effectiveness as a leader will be obvious. Improving performance in all eight of these competency areas will make each of us better able to lead.


 • Emotional Intelligence

• Contextual Thinking

• Directional Clarity

• Creative Assimilation

• Change Orchestration

• People Enablement

• Reciprocal Communication

• Driving Persistence

This profile has a 360 degree feedback process included.

Retails for $24.95US   Associate Cost:  $15 or less

for $69.95US 
Introductory Price is $59.95 Associate Cost:  $35

Special Features: Completely online. You have thirty days to
have others complete this on you anonymously.  At the end of this time you get a full report with a comparison of how you see yourself compared to others.

The DISC  is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major divisions called personality styles. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters: D (Drive), I (Influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Compliance).

The Team Building Effectiveness Profile from HRD Press

Looks at seven competencies of teambuilding :

• Vision and directional focus (FORMING)

• Alignment of values (FORMING)

• Team role and competency clarity (STORMING)

• Ground rules determination (NORMING)

• Performance appraisal effectiveness (NORMING)

• Team learning and results focus (PERFORMING)

• Boundary management (PERFORMING)

This profile has a 360 degree feedback process included.

Retails for $24.95US   Associate Cost:  $15 or less

The Time Management Effectiveness Profile from HRD Press

The Time-Management Effectiveness Profile has been designed to help individuals make the most of their time-bank investment. As such, it is intended to provide a useful way for the individual to rate themselves in a number of competency areas widely considered to be relevant to managing time well. This questionnaire is divided into seven segments that constitute an overall time-management “profile.” These are:

• Predisposition/Temperament

• Preparation

• Organizational Ability

• Stress Management

• Delegation

• Managing Interruptions

• Results

This profile has a 360 degree feedback process included.

Retails for $24.95US   Associate Cost:  $12 or less

The Access Code is good for one access to the Online Personal Style Indicator. You can assign it to a client, employee, or friend, or use it for yourself.

Retails for $24.95US   

Personal Style Indicator (PSI) Online Access Codes (English)CLICK HERE TO ORDER Personal Style Indicator (PSI) Online Access Codes (English)
The Personal Style Indicator™ is a fun, fast-paced tool that helps you better understand your own personality style and how it “fits” in the world around you. It is not a test that can be passed or failed. In fact, it’s completely self-administered and self-scoring – no one needs to know its answers but you!

Sales Style Indicator (SSI) Online Access Codes (English)Sales Style Indicator (SSI) Online Access Codes (English)
The Sales Style Indicator can assist you to: Identify your basic Sales Style of responding to prospects, clients and to Sales tasks; Identify the strengths and limitations of your Sales Style when relating with prospects and clients; Identify your typical reactions to sales stress and pressure and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses; Develop a plan to increase your Sales Style flexibility and effectiveness during sales calls with prospects and clients; and Facilitate sales team development through the careful assessment of team member strengths.

The Sales Effectiveness Profile from HRD Press


Extensive research has been conducted over a large population of over 400 sales managers and sales representatives (in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia). This was also carried out across a wide range of product- and service-led industries. This research clearly demonstrated that a number of core competencies were critical in every phase of the sales process. In total, seven competencies were identified, and these are as follows:

• Temperament/disposition

• Organizational skills

• Active-listening skills

• Communication skills

• Relationship-nurturing ability

• Exceeding customer expectations skills

• Drive and persistence skills


This assessment  of sales effectiveness is based on these competencies to help individuals understand more about their relative skills in these critical areas. The seven competencies that contribute to good (or bad) sales skills have therefore been drawn out extensively to gauge an individual’s overall selling profile. Ideally, each of these competencies should be viewed as individual pieces in an overall “Sales Effectiveness jigsaw.”

This profile has a 360 degree feedback process included.

Retails for $24.95US   Associate Cost:  $15 or less

Retails for $19.95US   Associate Cost:  $12
Check it out.
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Over the past 25 years, True Colors
has been used in dozens of industries, associations, and thousands of school and colleges.   The True Colors™ metaphor has been developed from the work of David Keirsey who refined the work of Myers-Briggs. It translates his theory into simple and practically applied information. It brings complex ideas out of both academia and psychotherapy and sets them in clear, real-life applications.

Try this free short version first.    (This free mini version may not be available for long.)

Try this free short version first.
The Enneagram of Personality Types is a modern synthesis of a number of ancient wisdom traditions.  The nine points on the circumference are also connected with each other by the inner lines of the Enneagram.   To grasp the significance of these diagrams and the relationship between them, we must remember that the system was designed primarily to help elucidate the relationship between "essence" and personality, or ego.

If you are a coach who works with the Enneagram, we have found this assessment to be excellent.  I still prefer to have a client read some material first but this might be a great way to go.  A full report will cost $10.00 -  accounts are now available but the cost remains the same.

Take the free MAPP Assessment!
What are your true motivations , top vocational areas and work preferences?  This assessment will help
you look and plan in the right direction according to your own personal aptitudes.  Typically, you can expect to spend 96,400 hours working in your lifetime.  The average worker changes careers eight times.  Here is a way to help you determine if you are in or heading towards the right type of work and job for you. After you take the free mini MAPP, you can opt for a more comprehensive package to fit your needs.  

Retails for $139.95 US   Cost to Coach:  $65
You can set up your own account for a fee of $210 with 3 assessments OR you can get one at a time form me as part of my Request an Assessment Service

Learning Style Indicator (LSI) Online Access Codes

Retails for $22.95US 
Learning Style Indicator (LSI) Online Access Codes
How do you feel when you understand something totally new? Imagine your children, clients, employees, or yourself learning anything with ease. The Learning Style Indicator (LSI) addresses the way people learn. It empowers your mind to learn or the minds of your clients.

The Access Code is good for one access to the Online Learning Style Indicator. You can assign it to a client, employee, or friend, or use it for yourself.


The Learning Styles Profile from HRD  Press

All learners are not equal. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and cultures. Their past experience and current ways of learning might also be very different. Some people like to process information through text, while others need visual support and images. Some learners best assimilate information alone. Others prefer to work in groups. There are people who can grasp information quickly and intuitively, and there are people who prefer to follow a strong sequential path and take time to reflect. In the end, the only thing you can say for sure is this: Every individual learns in their own particular way.

This Learning Styles Profile will help every learner understand a little bit more about how they learn best and which teaching style is most effective for them.


Retails for $24.95US   Associate Cost:  $12 or less

for $13.95US  Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) Online Access Codes
Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) Online Access Codes

Do you know anyone with a little STRESS? Stress and Health are two topics that affect everyone. The Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) assesses your clients’ current level of stress and health. Use it to understand how to enhance overall well-being, manage stress, and improve performance. Life is too short to die from a heart attack at the halfway mark!

The Access Code is good for one access to the Online SHIP. You can assign it to a client, employee, or friend, or use it for yourself.

for $12.95US  Values Preference Indicator (VPI) Online Access Codes
Values Preference Indicator (VPI) Online Access Codes

Leaders make wise yet surprisingly quick decisions. How? They know their Core Values beforehand. When you understand what your values are, confusion disappears and inner clarity develops. The Values Preference Indicator (VPI) identifies those core values. When you know someone else’s Core Values and can match them with your own, you can build trust and understanding. You may have the right person for the right job; now can you TRUST him or her? Find out how much.

The Access Code is good for one access to the Online Values Preference Indicator. You can assign it to a client, employee, or friend, or use it for yourself.
























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