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July 10, 2003

Dear Professional Coach,

Roberta Hill has been involved with my new on-line assessments since 2002 and was one of the first 24/7 branded sites. features my popular Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment as well as my other products. It is a pleasure to have her on my team and to introduce you to the work she is doing with coaches like yourself.

Assessments Now is designed to specifically focus on the assessment requirements of coaches. Roberta's depth of knowledge with assessments, coupled with her extensive training and coaching expertise, creates a unique combination. She has developed a 15-hour training package to get coaches not just up to speed, but fully competent in the use of assessments. The program includes five Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessments, an individual coaching session, real audio lessons, and a manual with over 100 pages of materials carefully packaged for easy reference. Roberta follows this up by promoting her team of coaches on the web site and provides on-going training through teleclasses and new materials, plus free quarterly discussion groups.

I am proud to be an integral part of the Train the Coach and Train the Trainer Programs that Roberta has created. Coaches who have successfully completed the training are fully qualified to work with The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment. This is a thorough package that builds upon my own material. You donít need to accept my word for it; read the testimonials from those who have taken the program.

For those of you who are committed to taking your coaching practice to the next level, I invite you to join the team by becoming an Associate with Roberta and Assessments Now. You can do this by calling Roberta directly at 1.613.237.1368 or emailing her at






  Wishing You Continued Success,

  Dr. Tony Alessandra

If you are interested in using this assessment in your coaching or organization, please contact Roberta directly to make this happen:

    What Associates are saying:

  • "Roberta, I'm amazed at how simple this tool is to use and to promote.  I requested my engineer husband's input as one of my "observers" and
    afterwards he said, "What I really liked was how easy it was to do the
    rating.  I didn't even have to think about it, the questions were so
    clear that the choices were obvious."  Now that's an elegant design!!"
    (Katie Darden, Business and Career Coach)
  • "The Platinum Rule Teleclass Training Program is one of the most valuable training programs I have ever taken. I researched several behavioral and communication styles assessments before deciding which one to specialize in. I decided on The Platinum Rule because it is so simple, easy-to-use, and "sticky", while providing valuable insight and information, with a broad range of applications." 
    (Sage Freechild,M.A., LMHC, Phoenix Rising Coaching,

  • "It was great to hear about Tony's questionnaire again which I used over 7 years ago at the University in academic staff development.  I have been using MBTI, but it takes much longer to fill in.   I plan on using the Platinum Behavioral Style Assessment with some Community Health Managers next year because they have heaps of people around them who could provide information and feedback."
    (Dr. Graham MacKay, Coach)

What Clients are saying:

  • "I am a visual person - the graph is great. I can see exactly how I see myself and how others perceive me."
    (S. Bonini, Accountant)
  • "I have completed the Platinum Rule assessment and I was very impressed with the speed of the assessment, the simplicity, and the report. I remain impressed as well with Tony's work . . ."
    (T.A. University Professor)
  • "I am surprised at where my observers have placed me, in some instances.  It's as though I'm a personality chameleon in that I appear so different to these people than what I think of myself. Even the differences among the observers - some have me as a Thinker, others a Socializer. Quite interesting!!"
    (Lisbeth Tanz-Harrison, Coach)
  • "I discovered that I see myself differently from the way others see me.  They see me much more outgoing and a people person, which is a good thing.  I see myself as a thinker, introverted.  Which I really am but extrovert under circumstances where it is beneficial.  It was fun."
    (H. Buttigieg, Professional Organizer)



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